Dedicated consulting for turnkey projects


Design concept and feasibility

Lamparredo manages every phase of your project. Engineers and designers gather and evaluate ideas and guidelines, then study their feasibility. Each proposed solution is concrete, checked in terms of its feasibility, excellent in quality, and in line with the budget.


Designing and drawing, including in 3D

What distinguishes Lamparredo is the ingenuity and high-quality engineering of its creations. Each project is a combination of functionality, safety and aesthetics. 3D modelling offers a realistic preview of the finished project. That way, the design phase moves forward clearly and without surprises.


Craftsmanship and technology

Lamparredo's workshops are equipped with special modern machinery, some of it designed according to specific project requirements. Production is carried out by Italian craftsmen specialised in working with glass and ornamental metals.
Each component is finished, painted and pre-assembled in our workshop under careful supervision.


Anywhere in the world

Before each delivery, everything is tested, right on schedule. Our creations leave our workshops in packaging that is suitable even for intercontinental shipments. Delivery takes place anywhere in the world and a dedicated team is always available for the installation process.

Italian craftsmanship and constant innovation

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