Lamp Arredo starts in 1978 as a small metal shop specialized in the manufacturing of  brass ornamental elements and has since become a shop specialized in «tailored metal», where Designers’ and Architects’ conceptual vision is transformed into shape

During the 80’s when the Benetton Group begins to gain market opening stores, Lamp Arredo is involved to engineer and produce the first stores in waxed polished brass, closely collaborating with the Arch. Tobia Scarpa, who developed the concept.

The alliance with the Benetton Group continues across the 90’s and 00’s through contract and millwork/joinery partners, delivering hundreds of stores around the world.

Since the new millennium Lamp Arredo has consolidated its partnership with millwork/joinery contractors building expertise on engineering and production of metal furniture and ornamental components, favoring those finishes that have a production cycle that can be fully controlled in house, such as painted steel, satin and mirror-polished stainless steel, which are the most commonly used materials. Focused attention is given to higher-end finishes where special artisanship is required, like polished or satin brass, finished with special antiqued, distressed or burnished bronze treatments.


During its almost 4 decades of history Lamp Arredo has distinguished itself for true artisanal craftsmanship, reflected in the impeccable quality of our work, but even more in the unconditional trust is given us to deliver on our promises to partners and Clients.

The more challenging, difficult and complex the objective, the more effective the response and ability demonstrated in finding the highest-quality outcome.

Without limits of scale: from small objects to a building facade the only rule is the respect of quality whether tailoring a piece of furniture or an architectural feature.

The company operates mainly in the Retail, Museum, Ornamental Glass & Metal, Hospitality and  High-End Residential business segments, wherever the use of metal and glass are pushed to the limit.

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